DEA: A Springfield individual with the help of a Federal Inmate was recorded mixing heroin/fentanyl with cut during a jail video visitation

Springfield, Illinois – A Springfield Task Force Officer (TFO) who is assigned to the DEA/Springfield Residence Office made a drug bust in Springfield, Illinois after monitoring a Springfield Man who is currently in Federal Custody.

According to the Springfield Task Force Officer, the Springfield Police Department, DEA agents, and the Illinois State Police have identified targets of an ongoing narcotics distribution. A suspect, Brandon D. Howell, age 37, was identified to us as one of the targets in the current ongoing narcotics distribution investigation. Howell, who is currently a federal detainee in the Livingston County Jail, was indicted in federal court for conspiracy to distribute cocaine and methamphetamine in November of 2020.

In March 2021, DEA agents began to monitor video/chat and phone calls made from Howell in the Livingston County Jail. During the video/chat all inmates are told that their phone calls and video chats are being recorded prior to the phone call connecting with the other party. In addition, the outside party is also advised by recording that an inmate from the Livingston County Jail is calling and that the phone calls are recorded.

On June 14, 2021, a DEA agent reviewed a 30 minute video/chat between Howell and a Springfield individual that took place on June 13, 2021. At this time, the unidentified individual was only named to us as a co-conspirator of Howell.

The video chat that occurred between Howell and his co-conspirator allowed Howell to speak and see his co-conspirator from inside the Livingston County Jail. His co-conspirator was also able to see him and talk back to him utilizing a smart phone. In this case, Howell’s co-conspirator was at home while the video chat was taking place.

Some time during the video chat Howell told his co-conspirator that he needed them to do something for him and asked if they had the zip lock bag and asked if it was the big one. The co-conspirator responded back and said it isn’t the big one but that it is medium sized. Howell then asked his co-conspirator to show it to him. Howell’s co-conspirator was then seen on video getting up and walking within the house. While his co-conspirator is walking to get the zip lock bag, Howell then said to get the bag as well as the thing that they got from his cousin.

Howell is then heard on video chat saying to his co-conspirator that he needs them to “mix” it up. Howell’s co-conspirator is then seen walking into the kitchen area and eventually turned the phone camera around away from themselves and showed Howell two zip lock bags on the kitchen counter. According to the Springfield Task Force Officer, one of the bags contained an unknown substance while the other bag on the counter was empty. After Howell saw the bags, he immediately told his co-conspirator to take the camera off the bags.

Howell then told his co-conspirator to take a paper cup and get the “calculator” (electronic scale), press TARE, which will zero out (reset) the electronic scale, and to take the “200 of the thing that you got from your sister” (205 grams of cut) and put it in the cup. Howell’s co-conspirator then responded, “why are you talking like that,” referring to Howell talking over the video chat about narcotics. Howell responded back asking his co-conspirator how was he supposed to explain it without talking like that?

The conversation continued and Howell is still heard directing his co-conspirator on what to do and how to mix the narcotics with the cut. When Howell’s co-conspirator was finished with what they were doing, Howell was heard asking if they mixed the 205 with the 100, which referred to making 300 grams of narcotics. Howell’s co-conspirator responded and said they never weighed it, but that it was mixed up like he asked. Howell then told his co-conspirator to put the narcotics somewhere where it won’t be found because it can kill someone if they found it. According to the DEA, this led agents to believe Howell was having his co-conspirator mix heroin/fentanyl with cut.

Agents were able to track down the co-conspirator’s address with the help of City Water Light and Power (CWLP). Once CWLP provided the address of the co-conspirator, DEA agents went to the Springfield Address and conducted a search of the residence.

Found inside the residence was plastic bags of cannabis, located in the kitchen and a stolen Ruger .380 pistol, located in the master bedroom.

A search of the co-conspirator’s vehicle turned up 310 grams of fentanyl and 1038 grams of unknown powder.

At this time, there was no immediate record of an arrest.

33 year old Springfield Man who died in car crash on S. 5th St and E. Lawrence Ave identified by Coroner

Springfield, Illinois – The Sangamon County Coroner, Jim Allmon, has identified the individual that was an occupant of a pick-up truck that was involved in a motor vehicle collision early Saturday morning at the intersection of South 5th Street and Lawrence Avenue.

Michael Wiker, 33 years of age, from Springfield was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident at 04:53am by the Sangamon County Coroner’s Office. Preliminary results from an autopsy performed today suggest Mr. Wiker died from multiple blunt force injuries sustained in that incident.

The death is under investigation by the Sangamon County Coroner’s Office and the Springfield Police Department.

Coroner: Autopsy results show no evidence of trauma or injury for inmate who died in custody; Possibly natural diseases

Springfield, Illinois – Jim Allmon, the Sangamon County Coroner, confirmed the identity of the deceased individual who was transported from the Sangamon County Jail yesterday.

Bobby Joe Jimerson, 62, of Springfield was pronounced deceased at 09:38 a.m., yesterday by hospital staff at HSHS St. John’s Hospital in the Emergency room.

An autopsy was performed this morning and preliminary findings show significant natural disease. There was no evidence of injury or trauma.

Mr. Jimerson’s official cause of death is “pending additional studies” such as histology and toxicology. The death is under investigation by the Sangamon County Coroner and the Illinois State Police.

According to Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Campbell, “On Sunday, 6/27/21, at approximately 8:54 a.m., Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Correctional Officers were escorting inmates to court when an Jimerson reported that he couldn’t walk and went down to his knees. The officers assisted placing Jimerson in a wheel chair and medical staff was advised.

Jimerson became unresponsive, correctional officers along with medical staff began life saving measures until the paramedics arrived and took over.

According to Springfield Police records, Jimerson was arrested on June 25 at 9:16 p.m., after a physical dispute with his girlfriend. The girlfriend told officers that Jimerson pulled out a gun and smacked her in the face with it. It wasn’t immediately known if officers recovered a weapon at the scene, but according to records, a search warrant was being requested to search Jimerson’s residence.

Jimerson was arrested for domestic battery, a class A misdemeanor.

Sheriff: Inmate died on his way to court

(Left) Sangamon County Sheriff, Jack Campbell (Right) Bobby J. Jimerson, age 62

Springfield, Illinois – Another inmate has died inside the Sangamon County Jail. The inmates dead is the second one to occur within the last two months.

Bobby J. Jimerson, age 62, was taken to the hospital yesterday from the Sangamon County Jail where he was pronounced deceased at 9:38 a.m.

According to the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office, they tell us, “On Sunday, 6/27/21, at approximately 8:54 a.m., Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Correctional Officers were escorting inmates to court when an inmate (Jimerson) reported that he couldn’t walk and went down to his knees. The officers assisted placing the inmate (Jimerson) in a wheel chair and medical staff was advised. The inmate became unresponsive, correctional officers along with medical staff began life saving measures until the paramedics arrived and took over. The 62-year-old male subject was transported to St. John’s Hospital. The Sheriff’s Office was notified at approximately 9:40 a.m. that the subject was deceased at SJH. The Illinois State Police will be in charge of the investigation.”

According to Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon, an autopsy is scheduled to be performed this morning on Jimerson.

Jimerson’s death is the second death that has occurred in the Sangamon County jail within the past two months. In April 2021, Jaimeson Cody, was pronounced deceased after after he was tased by Sangamon County Corrections Officers. His death was ruled a homicide by Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon.

Stay tuned for further updates.

31k, Cocaine, Meth, Stolen Gun, and Cadillac Escalade seized after drug bust by DIRT Team

(Left) Robert L. Wilson, age 40

Springfield, Illinois – On Wednesday, June 17, 2021, at approximately 5:20 a.m., the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office DIRT team executed a search warrant at 300 Farley St., Springfield, IL.

DIRT obtained a search warrant for the residence of Robert L. Wilson, age 40, after multiple controlled buys of methamphetamine.

The Sheriff’s Tactical Response Unit (TRU) served the warrant on the residence and after securing the house, DIRT located and seized the following:

• A stolen .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol (reported stolen out of Jacksonville, IL.)

• A 9mm semi-automatic pistol

• 1459 grams of suspected Methamphetamine (over 3 pounds)

• Approximately 126 grams of suspected cocaine

• Approximately $31,000 in USC

• Body armor

• 2010 Cadillac Escalade

Wilson was arrested on scene and transported to the Sangamon County Jail where he is charged with four counts of Man/Del Methamphetamine (Two Class X and Two Class 1), Possession of Methamphetamine (Class 1) and Possession of Cocaine (Class 1).

According to the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office, other charges may be forthcoming based on the items recovered during the search warrant.

According to records, Wilson has 28 prior arrests including weapons, robbery, assault, drugs. He also has a prior prison sentence for narcotics charges.

James Foxx who was awarded his job back with SPD says: White people using the “N” word isn’t racist

Springfield, Illinois – James Foxx, who is a current Grandview Village Police Officer, after being fired from the Springfield Police Department for sending a black officer a racist text message, was awarded his job back, without back pay, by an arbitrator last month.

We’ve received documents from that arbitration hearing with sworn testimony of Officer James Foxx, Springfield Police Chief Kenny Winslow, other department brass members, and community leaders. We will be releasing the interviews directly to our readers.

In the early morning hours on February 4, 2020, Foxx had been assigned to Beat 800 in place of Officer Lawerence Williams, a black Springfield Police Officer, who was assigned to watch a house. Officer Foxx and Officer Williams were joking around on their Mobile Data Computer via chat. They were joking about about having to do each other’s work. At 2:22 a.m., Officer Foxx sent a message to Officer Williams saying, “I’m gonna send you a message via text so it’s secure.” After Officer Williams responded, “lol” he received a text from Foxx saying, “You’re making me feel like the 800’s house nigga.”

Officer James Foxx text message to Officer Lawerence Williams, who is a black Springfield Police Officer

In the first arbitration interview, which was conducted by Steve Rahn, who is the Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Springfield, Officer Foxx told Rahn that after texting Officer Williams, he was approached by him at the end of their shift.

Foxx said, “Well, he (Officer Williams) had approached me in the garage after the fact. I was still doing reports sitting in the garage. Everyone was turning their cars in, turning their equipment, things like that. When he approached me he was laughing. He had a smile on his face. He was like, hey, man, I knew what that meant. You didn’t need to send that stuff, still laughing with a smile on his face, smacked the window, window seal of the car and walked away.”

Foxx said after his interaction with Williams in the parking garage, he sent an apology text message which said, “My bad man. Didn’t think youd take it that way. Weve had banter like this in the past and I didn’t think it was that serious.”

Although Foxx sent an apology text message to Officer Williams, the City has been questioning if Officer Foxx actually learned his lesson after asking him the following questions:

Attorney Rahn asked Foxx, “Do you believe that the use of the N word by a white person other than a direct quote is racist?” Fox responded with a simple, “no.”

Attorney Rahn also asked Foxx, “Do you believe the term “house nigga” is racist?” Foxx responded, “It depends on how it’s being used.”

Although Foxx claims Williams approached him with a smile on his face and laughing, Springfield Police Commander Andrew Dodd said he was approached with Officer Williams’ complaint by retired Sergeant Matthew Fricke as soon as he walked into the office to begin his morning shift. “Sergeant Fricke advised me that he was contacted by Lawrence Williams. He wanted to talk about an incident that happened the night before. They met at a gas station over on the west side of town called the Gas-N-Go. There was a text sent from Officer Foxx to Officer Williams that had racial and inappropriate nature and then Sergeant Fricke was able to show me a screenshot of that text.”

After speaking with Sergeant Fricke, Commander Dodd said he immediately went upstairs and spoke with Deputy Chief Don Mumaw and Assistant Chief Ken Scarlette. After meeting with them, it was decided immediately that an Internal Affairs investigation would be open regarding Foxx’s conduct.

“The screenshot that I was shown and given of the text exchange, information contained in there, it was a clear violation of our Rules of Conduct Number 5, Workplace Complaint, and then also for Rule 21 for unbecoming, because of the detriment it could do to the department,” said Commander Dodd.

Commander Dodd also revealed that he was included with final discipline talks regarding Officer Foxx. Dodd said he was surprised by Officer Foxx’s conduct because of all of the training and yearly training that the department officers go through and he “absolutely agreed” with the decision to terminate Officer Foxx’s employment with the Springfield Police Department.

“I want every member of the department to feel comfortable in the workplace, that they should be able to trust each other, especially with everything that we have to do, and I don’t want any members of the department to have to worry about another member using inappropriate language, especially those terms, and I don’t believe that they, certain members could trust Officer Foxx, and would take strong issues with that. So it looks very bad, and I think it’s very unfavorable on the department and the members to have kept him on. You know, the department needs to have trust inside of itself between officer and officer and also outside the department from members of the community we serve. It’s a diverse community in Springfield and they should not have to question any member of this department and their beliefs based on stuff that they send.”

Although an arbitrator awarded James Foxx’s job back with the Springfield Police Department, the City of Springfield tells us that they plan to appeal that decision with the courts.


Stay tuned for further Arbitration Hearing documents.

Racist cop reinstated by SPD brings conflict between SPD Chief, Union and Grandview Police Department

(Left to Right) Springfield Police Chief, Ken Winslow, Grandview Police Chief, Kirk Beatty,
Former Springfield Police Officer and Current Grandview Officer, James Foxx and Springfield Police Detective and Union President, Don Edwards

Springfield, Illinois – Springfield Leaks has obtained a memo, from a source, which was written by the Springfield Police Union. In that memo it details a call that was made from Springfield Police Chief, Ken Winslow to Grandview Police Chief, Kirk Beatty.

The memo, which was written by Don Edwards, a Springfield Police Detective and Union President, said Chief Winslow called Grandview Chief Beatty in reference to Grandview Officer James Foxx. “I write this letter today after hearing from Officer Foxx in regards to his current employment at Grandview Police Department. He reported to me last night that you called his current chief of police, Kirk Beatty, and you advised him due to current litigation with Officer Foxx, he was not allowed to back up our officers. This morning, I contacted Chief Beatty who confirmed this was the conversation you had with him.”

Foxx was fired from the Springfield Police Department as a patrol officer after sending a racist text message to a black officer. The text message said, “You’re making me feel like 800’s house nigga.” When the black officer told Foxx he didn’t even know what that means, Foxx sent a screenshot from with the definition of what a “house nigga” means.

Screenshot of James Foxx text message that he sent to a black Springfield Police Officer

Edwards goes on in his letter to say that he is aware that an un-named officer approached Chief Winslow and said that they didn’t want to work with Foxx. “I am unaware of any officer in the history of my nearly 27 year career that has been allowed to choose whom he or she works with from other agencies or even within our own. I guarantee you that many of our officers would prefer not to work with some people on their shifts, but they do so because they don’t get to choose their co-workers. In fact, I would like to remind you that 97% of our officers, detectives, and sergeants voted in 2018 that they didn’t want to work with you or for you, but yet here you are still making decisions for them all. These are the types of decisions that cause officers of your Department and our Membership to lose faith in your leadership ability.”

The Chief, who has repeatedly defended his decision to terminate Officer Foxx’s employment with the Springfield Police Department, told an arbitrator last month that he stands by his decision and if Officer Foxx had committed this racial act at another police department, he never would have hired Officer Foxx.

Although the Chief and the Springfield Department Brass stands by their decision of firing Foxx, Edwards has made it clear that he believes Chief’s Winslow’s phone call is creating a hostile work environment for Foxx and the Springfield Police Union. “Lastly, the Benevolent is disappointed in your decision to make this phone call. Nothing was said to Chief Beatty as to whether or not our units will back up Officer Foxx. How is Grandview PD and Officer Foxx going to keep himself safe in this city when you’ve made it clear he shouldn’t be around our officers? While diminishing our manpower further, you’ve also diminished the manpower of Grandview PD by making Officer Foxx in effect unable to get back up as needed for traffic stops and calls for service in the Grandview area. When Officer Foxx is brought back to the SPD, how will you manage him? It appears you have made your line in the sand, and you in effect are telling him and the Benevolent that you will not have him back regardless of what an arbitrator says. You have seemingly ostracized Officer Foxx and have arguable interfered with his economic opportunities, thus potentially exposing the City to further litigation. What about when the courts affirm the decision? This appears to be setting the stage for a hostile work environment for Officer Foxx. A 14 month suspension is nothing to be taken lightly….if you don’t like Officer Foxx, that unfortunate, but the reality is that he has been aware his job back, and the City has an obligation to get him back to whether you personally like him or not. If the City is filing an appeal, that is fine as it is part of the process. But your decision based on the request of one officer is both hasty and dangerous. In fact, it could damage Officer Foxx’s career moving forward whether it be with Grandview PD or any other agency to include ours in the future. You don’t have to respect the officer, but you have to respect the process! It is the intent of the Executive Board of PB&PA 5 to work with the City of Springfield, and the leaders therein to ensure both a good working environment for our Members as well as fair treatment of each officer the best of our ability. However, we will not sit idly by as you bully Officer Foxx.”

Springfield Leaks did attempt to get a comment from Grandview Police Chief Beatty. When a reporter spoke with Chief Beatty, he said that he won’t be talking to Springfield Leaks because we publish inaccurate information about his police department and aren’t “officer friendly.” When asked what information has been inaccurate, he didn’t have a response.

We also reached out to the City of Springfield, but they did not have a response at this time, but they do tell us that they plan to appeal the arbitrator’s decision to reinstate Foxx with the courts.

Springfield Leaks will be releasing several documents over the coming days in a Springfield Leaks exclusive regarding the reinstatement of Officer James Foxx.


Stay tuned.

23 year old man who drowned in pond in Lake Victoria in Springfield, Illinois Identified

Rescue Divers searching for the 23 year old man in a pond in Lake Victoria in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois – The Springfield Fire Department was called to 3055 Normandy Road at 7:42 p.m., after a man who was swimming in a pond had disappeared.

According to Springfield Fire Department Division Chief, Jeph Bassett, he tells us that two groups of people saw a man swimming and then he disappeared. This led them to call the Fire Department for help.

After the Springfield Fire Department responded, the 23 year old man, who had drowned, was found at 9:18 p.m.

According to Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon, he responded to HSHS St. John’s Hospital’s Emergency Room shortly after 10pm yesterday in reference to a deceased male brought in by EMS who had been recovered from a pond near the 3000 block of Normandy Road in Springfield.

The decedent was pronounced dead in the emergency room shortly after his arrival at 9:44pm by hospital staff.

An autopsy was done this morning and as a part of that procedure the deceased was scientifically identified. Jonas D Revell, 23, of Springfield was positively identified at autopsy this morning as the deceased individual in question.

Preliminary autopsy results indicate Mr. Revell died from drowning. The official cause of death is pending toxicology studies.

The death is under investigation by the Springfield Park Police and the Sangamon County Coroner’s Office.

Springfield Police Officer with an “IA Record” resigns after “creepy” contact with a 21 y/o battered Woman

(LEFT TO RIGHT) Former Springfield Police Officer Demetrius Suggs / Text messages between Suggs and a 21 year old battered victim

Springfield, Illinois – A Springfield Police Officer, who has been on the job since January 2019, has resigned after an Internal Affairs complaint was filed against him by a 21 year old woman who was the victim of a battery.

On March 18, 2021, Springfield Police Officer Demetrius D. Suggs responded to the 1000 block of S. 3rd St. for a disturbance. After leaving from the residence, Office Suggs began texting a 21 year old woman who was listed as a victim of a battery.

“Sorry for texting you I should have told you who I was,” Suggs texted the woman. “No it’s okay what’s your name I don’t think I asked,” she responded. The conversation goes on as follows:

Suggs: My name is Demetrius for you but Officer Suggs to everyone else

Woman: I appreciate you thank you

Suggs: So do you mind if I keep your number? If not I’ll delete it I just thought you were very pretty sucks we met like we did

Woman: I don’t mind, I feel bad I looked like how I did haha I usually don’t look like that but thank you

Suggs: Haha I could see past all that you look good while crying in sweats I know you fine as hell lol and low key had a little something behind you too

Suggs: You need anything?

Woman: No but thank you

Suggs: Ok just checking and I apologize for being so insensitive I shouldn’t be flirting with you while you dealing with this

Woman: Its all good!

Suggs: Ok and I promise I don’t do this all the time at work you just fine as hell lol

Suggs: You barely legal but if you want to go get a drink somewhere tomorrow or something I’d love to take you

According to an Inter-Departmental Memo, dated March 21, 2021 Springfield Police were first made aware of the text messages between the 21 year old Woman and Suggs, after the woman’s boyfriend called the Police Department to make a complaint.

“Sir, this morning Sgt. (Grant) Barksdale approached me and advised me a subject called into the Sergeants’ office and wanted to make a complaint. The subject advised SPD was called to his home this past Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 8:15 p.m. for a battery report. He shares the home with his girlfriend.” The Inter-Departmental Memo which was sent from Lieutenant Brian Oakes to Commander Andrew Dodd, went on to say, “The subjects complaint was that Officer Suggs was texting his girlfriend with some inappropriate messages.”

Sargeant Barksdale and Lieutenant Oakes met with the woman at her home after receiving the complaint and the woman agreed to speak with them. She showed them the text message screen shots she saved from Officer Suggs and went over the events that occurred at her home the night of the battery.

The woman said that she had no problems with how the call was handled and that the officers were professional. But after the call was handled, Officer Suggs came back to her home about 30 minutes later to check on her and she told him she was fine and he left. After the first visit, Officer Suggs then came back two additional times to check on her and she felt his behavior was creepy. The fourth and final time he came to her home, that same evening, he didn’t knock at the door, but stood in the doorway until one of her friends noticed he was standing on the porch. When Officer Suggs left, he parked in the rear of the parking lot next to her home with his lights off and facing her front door.

“My friends were afraid to leave because they did not want to leave me alone with Officer Suggs nearby,” the woman said. The woman also revealed to Sgt. Barksdale and Lt. Oakes that she had more texts from Officer Suggs, but she deleted the screen shots already and blocked his number.

After reviewing further Internal Affairs Documents regarding complaints against Officer Suggs, this isn’t the first time a woman has made a complaint against him.

In May 2020, Suggs was accused by a Springfield Police Officer, who he was romantically involved with, of domestic abuse.

According to an Illinois State Police Report, that we’ve obtained, Suggs was in a polyamorous relationship. The polyamorous relationship involved Suggs, his girlfriend, and a woman Springfield Police officer. “The relationship included each person being romantic with the other 2 individually and all 3 together,” according to an Illinois State Police Investigator.

The domestic abuse incident occurred on the night of May 11, 2020 at Suggs residence. The Springfield Police Officer, who was the complainant, told ISP Investigators that she was making tacos for the family and gave Suggs and his girlfriend a bite of the meat.

After Suggs girlfriend tasted the meat, she began to “throw shade” at the Springfield Police Officer when discussing the food. According to the SPD Officer’s definition of “throwing shade” she described it as slang for exaggerating or taking something out of context.

The SPD Officer went on to describe, in her complaint, that her conversation with Suggs girlfriend was a friendly back and forth banter and she did not believe it to be confrontational. However, she acknowledged that Suggs might have believed them to be arguing.

Suggs, who was in the other room playing Xbox with a headset on, told them that the arguing went too far. The SPD officer responded that it did not involve him and to stay out of their conversation. She then said Suggs approached her from the other room in a threatening manner and “squaring up” as if he was going to fight her. This led to a verbal altercation between her and Suggs and he told her she needed to leave. During the verbal altercation, between Suggs and the SPD Officer, she told investigators that his girlfriend then attempted to step in between them.

“SPD Officer Described Suggs as towering over her and attempting to intimidate her. He then grabbed her arm in a “death grip” while telling her to leave. Attempting to drag and “yank her by the arm out of the house. The SPD Officer explained in response to Suggs actions, including the pressure on her arm, she began to attempt to hit Suggs. She stated this was in attempt to get him to let go of her arm while also yelling for him to let her go,” according to the ISP report.

After Suggs let her go, he began gathering her items, including her clothes, bag, and pillow inside the residence and throwing them out of the door. The SPD Officer then said, in response to his actions, she grabbed Suggs Xbox. “I didn’t plan on damaging the Xbox, but I wanted him to understand how I felt about him handling my property.” He did eventually grabbed the Xbox from her.

The SPD Officer continued to describe how the verbal altercation became physical. “Suggs put one hand on my throat choking me, and then I felt my feet leave the ground before we both went to the ground. I was struggling to breathe and Suggs was on top of me while lying on the ground. When Suggs picked me up by the throat, he took me across the couch.”

The SPD Officer said she attempted to get her Apple Watch to call 911 saying, “Siri, Call 911.” “I attempted this because I did not know what was going to happen.”

Suggs did let her go during her attempt to call 911 and said, “I can’t fuck with a wild card” who was willing to call 911 and that he didn’t give a fuck about her and that he cared about his girlfriend more.

The SPD officer began to leave, but didn’t have all her property. She was eventually able to retrieve the remainder of her property after Suggs attempted to keep her out by shutting the door on her.

The SPD officer told ISP Investigators that she was hesitant about filing the complaint against Suggs because she was scared of retaliation and afraid of what Suggs might do. Ultimately, the SPD Officer did reach out to other fellow officers to get their opinion on if she should report it. One Officer, who she did reach out to, Ryan Binkley, who is also a Union Representative, told her she should report it and Binkley immediately escalated the complaint through the Springfield Police Department’s chain of command.

Suggs version of events does differ from the SPD Officer. According to an ISP interview with Amy Strawn, a Springfield Police Sergeant, she was contacted by Suggs, the day after the domestic incident.

Sgt. Strawn told ISP investigators that Suggs said he didn’t want to call in, but felt he needed to document the incident. In Suggs conversation with Sgt. Strawn, he stated, “there was an incident at his residence and that that it was mostly verbal and he attempted to get an SPD Officer to leave his house. The disagreement was between the SPD Officer and his “baby momma.” The SPD Officer began throwing punches at “his baby momma,” and when he tried to stop the SPD Officer, she began hitting him. He did not indicate if it was intentional or not. He then told the SPD Officer that she need to leave and she refused. He said he grabbed the SPD officer and put her on the couch. The SPD Officer made threats about damaging his Xbox after she grabbed it.”

Sgt Strawn then contacted a Lieutenant, after speaking with Suggs.

An Internal Affairs investigation was opened against Suggs and the SPD Officer on May 13, 2020, for “Conformance to Laws” and “Unbecoming Conduct and Associations”. The “Conformance to Laws” complaint was not founded, but they were both found in violation of “Unbecoming Conduct and Associations” and they both received a one day suspension.

As far as the Criminal Investigation into Suggs and the SPD Officer’s domestic incident that night, a criminal investigation was opened, but the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office refused to file charges. According to Mary Beth Rodger, an Assistant Sangamon County State’s Attorney, she said, “The Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s office has reviewed a report from The Illinois State Police involving two Springfield Police Department officers. After reviewing the report, evidence collected by ISP, our office has determined that no charges will be filed at this time.”

In September 2020, Suggs was also the subject of another Internal Affairs complaint and was accused of turning off his body worn camera and not inventorying a vehicle that was involved in a DUI crash on 2nd and Cook St. According to Internal Affairs documents, a gun was found inside one of the vehicles , after it was towed. It wasn’t until after the tow company was contacted to retrieve some items out of the vehicle, before the firearm was found. According to Suggs, he told investigators that he was walking around for about 3-4 minutes not doing anything and was just back up. “So I walked away from the scene and was just watching so I was just standing there and so I just turned my body camera off. I was just watching from a distance.”

Suggs, who was asked by IA Investigators if he went inside the vehicle, said that he never inventoried the vehicle. “There’s no excuse for it. I was waiting to… in all actuality I was… I didn’t think the guy was going to make it based on the way he was and unresponsive, had to use jaws of life, so I never went inside thinking that we were going to actually be towing this vehicle for a hold or an investigation for you know a death investigation.”

Suggs, who was found to be in violation of four departmental rules regarding this incident, said he was shocked that a gun was actually found in the vehicle because another officer went inside the vehicle to look for his insurance card. “Not to excuse what I did but I do remember people looking in the vehicle for his insurance card because he was going to be the at fault driver. So I was very shocked to hear that there was an actual firearm in there because at some point someone even handed me the registration to the vehicle. So I was very shocked to hear there was a gun inside.”

Suggs was given a two day suspension.

As far as Suggs current employment with the Springfield Police Department, he resigned 12 days, after texting the 21 year old battered victim.

“I Demetrius Suggs resign from my position as patrol officer effective April 8, 2021. I request to use personal time (48hrs) until that date. My resignation is due to personal reason and in no way a negative reflection of my time with the Springfield Police Department. I am taking this time to step away from the profession of policing. I appreciate the opportunity given to me by the city of Springfield and the professional men and women of the Springfield Police Department.”


Lakeisha Purchase: Joe Aiello The Capital Township Supervisor is delaying a letter of support for an Extension of TIF Funds for Enos and Madison Park Place

(LEFT TO RIGHT) Lakeisha Purchase – Capital Township Trustee & Joe Aiello – Capital Township Supervisor

Springfield, Illinois – TIF funds are important to a community and they are used as a subsidy for redevelopment, infrastructure, and other community-improvement projects.

Tax increment financing, or TIF, subsidizes companies by refunding or diverting a portion of their taxes to help finance development in an area or (less frequently) on a project site. Usually, TIF helps to pay for infrastructure improvements (streets, sewers, parking lots) in the area near a new development.

Well, since September 2020, the Capital Township has been delaying Mayor Jim Langfelder’s request for a letter of support recommending an extension of the Enos Park and Madison Park Place TIFs

Now, with time running out for the City to obtain a letter of support from the Capital Township, Joe Aiello, who is the Capitol Township supervisor, has presented an outline of items he says “we must discuss and put into an agreement” in order to approve the letter.

Lakeisha Purchase, who is a Capital Township Trustee, says that she is at odds with Aiello’s request and said, “I believe that our letter of support should not be contingent upon satisfaction of these unrealistic terms.” 

According to Purchase, Aiello has came up with a scenario whereby the City of Springfield would relinquish substantive authority over TIFs (which is legally provided to the City in State Statue).  Aiello’s proposal would grant the authority to a newly formed committee comprised of representatives of all the taxing bodies.  This would duplicate the Commission’s responsibility. It completely ignores the fact that the state statutes already requires the City to hold an annual Joint Review Board meeting with all taxing bodies. In addition, the City must hold a public hearing and meet many other reporting and accountability standards.

Well, the letter of support needs to be submitted NOW. Why? Because the General Assembly has a May 31st adjournment deadline, something that Aiello is aware of.

Although not in state statue, past practice by the General Assembly has required each municipality to submit a letter of support from all the taxing bodies when requesting them to approve TIF extensions. Purchase said, “This is a reasonable request, but I doubt they envisioned that one taxing body would make such unreasonable demands on a City as a condition for their letter of support.”

“The Enos Park TIF has proven very successful in rehabilitating an historic neighborhood and increasing home ownership. The Madison Park Place TIF, by all accounts a huge success, replaced a decaying public housing complex with beautiful homes. The most disheartening part of this whole situation is that the needs of people and neighborhoods in these distressed areas of our city, are not getting the services they need and deserve.  I believe we as a board need to submit our letter of support as quickly as possible.”

Want to do your part and advocate for the Capital Township to send Mayor Jim Langfelder a letter of support recommending an extension of the Enos Park and Madison Park Place TIFs?

Joe Aiello’s Email: Joe.Aiello@Co.Sangamon.IL.US

Joe Aiello’s Phone Number: 217-753-6800