Lawyer and Candidate for Illinois Attorney General accused of having sexual relations with married client; Police called after domestic incident occurred at Hotel in Downtown Springfield (VIDEO)

(Left Picture) Riley Craig sitting on Attorney and Candidate for Illinois Attorney General, Thomas DeVore’s lap. (Right Picture) Attorney Thomas DeVore on April 20, 2022, after hotel security and Springfield Police knocked on his hotel room door.

Springfield, Illinois – Tom DeVore, an attorney who is running for Illinois Attorney General’s Office, is accused of having a sexual relationship with a married 27 year old woman, while legally representing her during COVID-19 mask mandates and business shut-downs. According to police reports and body camera footage that we have obtained, DeVore, who is 52 years old, is being accused by the family of a 27 year old woman of manipulating her and telling her that she would receive a big settlement from the state in order to have her “doing things.” Although both individuals are consenting adults, the Illinois Supreme Court has a rule that prohibits such conduct and has even said that it could result in disciplinary proceedings against any attorney involved in such conduct.

According to a recent incident report, there was a disturbance between DeVore and his girlfriend, Riley N. Craig, age 27, that required police response while they were staying at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Downtown, Springfield on April 20, 2022.

Per the incident report, Springfield Police responded to 1 Convention Center Plz around 1:14 a.m. after a man called police and told them that his estranged wife (Craig) got into a disturbance with her boyfriend, Tom DeVore.

The body camera footage from that night starts off by showing Craig’s estranged husband trying to find out what happened. While Craig’s estranged husband is speaking to police and telling them that she won’t talk to him, even though she called him, Craig’s parents soon arrived on the scene from Taylorville Illinois. Craig, who is seen visibly upset and crying, told police that her parent’s don’t like her, but was soon consoled by her mom. “We Love you. You called and we are here,” Craigs mom can be heard saying.

Craig’s mom then approached one of the officers on the scene and said, “She holds his future in her hands and he knows it.”

The officer then asked Craig’s mom if she knows who the man is. She responded, “If he were right here, right now, I probably would go to jail for attacking him. Asshole. He’s an attorney, he fought for all these mask mandates and all that other bullshit. Sued Pritzker, he sued everybody and now he’s running for attorney general for the state.  I’ve turned him in to the ARDC (Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission) because he started having an affair with her, which is illegal, and he lied about their relationship. He has alienated her from all her friends, all of her family.”

Craig’s mom also told police that she and her daughter were inseparable before she met DeVore. According to Craig’s mom, she believes that DeVore has her daughter convinced that they don’t love her and that they want to take her son away from her. “I’ve called the man’s steps from day one,” said Craig’s mom.

Craig’s mom went on to tell the police that her daughter has tried to leave DeVore a couple times, but “he gets his claws right back in.” On the body camera footage, one officer asked Craig’s mom, “With him being an older guy and a politician is he like splurging on her too?” The mom responded and said, “Oh, 100 percent!”

Craig did eventually speak to police and told them, “He tried calling the police on me because I threw my phone at him.”

According to Craig’s mom, DeVore and her daughter have been together for approximately two years. “She left him (her estranged husband) in May/June 2020 and she’s been with him (DeVore) ever since.”

Although an officer is heard saying, “I wonder if she even want us to even go talk to him, or if she will just say no” DeVore was never questioned regarding what took place that night. However, he did voluntarily give a statement to officers and said, “I don’t, I don’t, want to file a police report, but when we came back from the event. We were at the event at the Lincoln Day Dinner. My name is Tom DeVore. And uh, we were coming back, we were at that event 3 or 4 hours ago and she kept drinking and she just, as you can see, and she started hitting on me. And I’m like I parked here and I said she’s assaulting me. I’m like you need to call somebody and then she called her parent’s place. I just wanted to let you guys know, I didn’t touch anybody.”

In our search for a police report, that wasn’t written, for the incident that occurred at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel, we also discovered another report involving Devore, Craig, and Craig’s husband that occurred on June 15, 2020.

According to that police report, Springfield Police were called to 3063 Hamlin Pkwy (Bow and Arrow salon) approximately at 5:17 p.m., for a disturbance. A dispatch log from that incident which was was sent to SPD Officer DeLude’s in-car computer, said the following:

1717:44hrs- Bow and Arrow Salon next to Advanced Dental Care

1717:58hrs- Caller gave address of 3063 Hamlin Pky

1718:21hrs- Jake Shaffer is here causing a disturbance

1718:28hrs- Dispatch received by Unit L782

1719:22hrs- Caller advised he’s an attorney and he was here at his clients business / the clients mother was just here beating on the door but she left and now Jake is here.

1719:27-hrs- No vehicle description for Jake

When officers arrived, they observed two males standing in the parking lot. The two males were identified as Cory Craig (Father of Riley Craig) and Jacob Shaffer (Husband of Riley Craig).

Jacob told officers that he is married to Riley and recently they have been having marital problems. Jacob said that he, Cory and Riley’s mother believe Riley is having an affair with her lawyer, Thomas DeVore. According to the police report, “Jacob explained that Thomas is representing Riley in a lawsuit against the State of Illinois due to the Bow and Arrow salon staying open during the COVID-19 shut downs. He continued explaining that since Thomas has began representing Riley, he noticed a change in Riley’s behavior in reference to their married life. He advised that Riley and him share each others location on their phones. He explained that Riley would advised she was going to meet Thomas and her location would be turned off and when he would call her, she would turn her phone off. According to Jacob, he recently found out that on one incident that Riley advised she was goin to meet with Thomas to discuss the lawsuit and again shut her phone off and did not return home that night. He then found out through friends and social media that Riley was on a party bus with Thomas that night.”

Jacob told officers that when he attempted to speak to Riley about his suspicion of an affair, Riley told him that she had to leave because of an appointment at the salon. Jacob said he then decided to drive by the salon to see if Riley was there. After arriving to the Salon, Jacob said he observed Riley and Thomas at the salon with the front door locked. Jacob told officers that he began knocking on the door so he could speak with Thomas or Riley, but they wouldn’t open it.

Riley’s father, Cory, also spoke to police and told them that Riley had been acting different since Thomas started coming around. He told officer that he believes Thomas has been telling Riley she is going to get a huge settlement from the State and that Thomas has been using that to manipulate his daughter into doing things.

After Officers spoke to Riley, they told Jacob and Cory that she wanted them both to leave the property and asked Jacob if that is something he was willing to do. Jacob refused and told officers that he is part owner of the business and believed he shouldn’t have to leave the business knowing that Thomas might be having an affair with his wife and is inside the business.

Officers noted that when they went inside the business to speak with Riley and Thomas, they observed Riley coloring a young female’s hair. Thomas told officers that the female, who’s hair was getting colored, was his 16 year old daughter. “He (Thomas) explained that he was there to give Riley paperwork for an Order of Protection she was seeking against her mother and was waiting until his daughters hair appointment was done. Thomas advised that his daughter drove separately to the salon.”

Officers also explained to Riley that although she wanted her husband and father to leave the business, they could not make them leave due to the fact that her husband is part owner of the business through marriage. “I advised Riley that the best way to de-escalate the situation would be for Thomas to leave since his business was complete,” the report said. Thomas told officers that he did not want to leave until his daughter’s appointment was over. Officer’s then told Thomas that they would remain at the salon until his daughter’s appointment was finished.

After officers informed their Sergeant of the situation, they re-entered the business and Thomas told officers that he will leave the salon, but also asked that a police report could be written so the incident could be documented.

Officers say that when Thomas left, Riley came outside and spoke with her husband and her father, and shortly after their conversation both men left the business.

According to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, DeVore doesn’t have any public record of discipline and no pending proceedings. There is also no public record of Craig’s mom’s complaint against DeVore for his relationship with her daughter. However, according to the Illinois Supreme Court Rule 1.8 – Conflict of Interest: A lawyer shall not have sexual relations with a client unless a consensual sexual relationship existed between them when the client-lawyer relationship commenced. The Illinois Supreme Court also said that it doesn’t matter if the relationship is consensual and provided us the following reason on why it is forbidden:

“The relationship between lawyer and client is a fiduciary one in which the lawyer occupies the highest position of trust and confidence. The relationship is almost always unequal; thus, a sexual relationship between lawyer and client can involve unfair exploitation of the lawyer’s fiduciary role, in violation of the lawyer’s basic ethical obligation not to use the trust of the client to the client’s disadvantage. In addition, such a relationship presents a significant danger that, because of the lawyer’s emotional involvement, the lawyer will be unable to represent the client without impairment of the exercise of independent professional judgment. Moreover, a blurred line between the professional and personal relationships may make it difficult to predict to what extent client confidences will be protected by the attorney-client evidentiary privilege, since client confidences are protected by privilege only when they are imparted in the context of the client-lawyer relationship. Because of the significant danger of harm to client interests and because the client’s own emotional involvement renders it unlikely that the client could give adequate informed consent, this Rule prohibits the lawyer from having sexual relations with a client regardless of whether the relationship is consensual and regardless of the absence of prejudice to the client. 

Sexual relationships that predate the client-lawyer relationship are not prohibited. Issues relating to the exploitation of the fiduciary relationship and client dependency are diminished when the sexual relationship existed prior to the commencement of the client-lawyer relationship. However, before proceeding with the representation in these circumstances, the lawyer should consider whether the lawyer’s ability to represent the client will be materially limited by the relationship.” 

Editor’s Note: When Springfield Leaks asked the Springfield Police Department for a copy of the police report involving DeVore and Craig at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel, they responded by saying they didn’t have any documents responsive to our request. But, recently, a source provided us with a copy of the body camera footage involving DeVore and Craig, and when we asked the Springfield Police Department why we didn’t receive a police report, they informed us that none of the three officers, who were on scene for close to an hour, wrote a police report. We have reviewed hundreds of police reports and there are several instances that police reports are generated, even if no crime has occurred. But in the words of DeVore, he told officers that Craig assaulted him. Even Craig admitted to throwing her cell phone at DeVore, which is assault. Although DeVore told officers that he didn’t want to file a police report, I would imagine that with three of our city officers being tied up on a call for close to an hour and escorting a woman to retrieve her belongings then a police report would have been written, but it wasn’t. This is just our opinion and we encourage everyone to review the body camera footage.

Body Camera footage 1 from April 20. 2022 – At the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel

Body Camera footage 2 from April 20. 2022 – At the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel

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