BREAKING: Two women shot in the 1700 block of Seven Pines Rd. in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois – Around 11:58 p.m., yesterday, January 16, 2021, Springfield Police responded to the area of 1700 Seven Pines Rd., for a shooting.

The caller told police they heard approximately 9-10 gunshots. Another caller in the area also told police that they heard a woman screaming, “they shot my daughter.”

While officers were in route, the victims, who were both women, were transported to St. John’s Hospital in a private vehicle.

According to initial reports from an off-duty Springfield Police Officer, he advised that both victims were shot in the leg.

Additional initial reports stated that there were two black males, who were on foot, who shot at both of the victims. Possible vehicle that both suspects fled in was a purple Kia Sorento.

It has been confirmed that multiple shell casings were found in the area of 1700 Seven Pines Rd.

No word yet on immediate arrests regarding this shooting.

Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks for further updates.

27 y/o Springfield Man arrested by Sang. Co. DIRT Team with 50 grams of Meth

Frederick J. Snapp – Age 27

Springfield, Illinois – On January 13, 2021, at 1:30 p.m., the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office DIRT team executed a narcotics search warrant in the 2000 block of S. 11th St., Springfield.  The target of the warrant was the home of Frederick J. Snapp, age 27.  DIRT watched as Snapp left the residence and got into a cab.  They stopped the cab and searched Snapp.  He was in possession of approximately 50 grams of suspected Methamphetamine.  

Snapp was arrested and booked into the Sangamon County Jail.  He is charged with two counts of Delivery of Methamphetamine and one count of Possession of Methamphetamine. 

According to records, Snapp is also on parole for a 2017 Residential Burglary case. 

Sang. Co. Sheriffs Office “hide” Facebook comments regarding Criminal Justice Reforms Bill

(Left) Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Campbell (Right) A copy of the Facebook status on the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page where comments were hidden

Springfield, Illinois – Earlier today, the media received a press release from the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office regarding a Criminal Justice Reform Bill that was passed on Wednesday by Illinois Lawmakers.

The bill, which was a legislative priority of the Black legislative caucus, is supposed to be a wide criminal justice overhaul. The bill would create a better system for decertifying officers who engage in misconduct, removes protections for police officers in civil rights lawsuits and eliminate cash bail.

Another provision of this bill, which would directly affect the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Department, is the requirement of body cameras. Currently Sang. Co. Sheriff Deputies do not wear body cameras, but if this bill is signed into law, it would require all law enforcement agencies to have body cameras by 2025.

In a press release which was sent out by Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Campbell, in response to the criminal justice reform bill, it said:

By now you have heard of the devastating legislation passed in the middle of the night, that will negatively impact your safety.  Law Enforcement agencies, many legislators and partners across the state, fought this legislation. Unfortunately, many uninformed legislators, after changing the bill number to cause confusion, adding more eviscerating language and leaving no time for review, rushed it to a vote.  The sponsors were unable to answer simple questions about their own bill during testimony. 

My message to our citizens is no matter how this plays out, whether Governor Pritzker signs this bill or not, the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office will always be here for you.  We have our frustrations with this, but we will be there for you, every shift, every day and night.  Our courageous Correctional Officers, Court Security Officers, Civilians and Deputies, will do our jobs.  We will provide the blanket of security we always have.  We will maintain our professionalism as we fight back the tears and anger, recognizing there are legislators that do not care about your and our safety.

Thank you for the thousands of well wishes, social media posts and messages you have conveyed in support of us.  They help during these difficult times.  We will never forget your support.

One of the formerly hidden Facebook comments

We asked Sheriff Campbell which parts specifically of this bill is devastating? He said, “Most of it, and it’s 764 pages. As a whole, it makes us less safe.”

One of the formerly hidden Facebook comments

In addition to the Sheriff’s Department releasing the press release to the media, they decided to also publish the press release on their Facebook page. They received a lot of feedback – Hundreds of reactions, hundreds of shares and several comments. But, when you looked at the comments, only approximately 4 out of 40 comments were visible to the public. Odd!

One of the formerly hidden Facebook comments
One of the formerly hidden Facebook comments

We immediately sent over a Freedom of Information Request for the comments that were not visible to the public. We then sent the Sheriff a message asking about the hidden comments and also left a comment on the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Facebook status. Our comment said, “Hello, I am not sure who exactly is the person who is in charge of posting statuses on this account, but we’ve been told that comments are being hidden? Can you please preserve those comments and provide a copy of them to your records department because there is now a FOIA Request requesting them.”

A copy of our Facebook comment

Most people may not know, but Facebook has a feature that allows comments to be hidden. It’s supposed to be a beneficial feature for businesses, or in this case – a government agency, because if someone writes a negative comment, the business/government agency is able to hide the comment. When a comment is hidden, it will only be visible to the person who wrote the comment and no one else.

A few minutes later, after our FOIA Request and our request to preserve those hidden Facebook comments, all of those hidden comments were then visible again to the public.

Stay tuned to this article as we await for the Sheriff’s response.

Pt. 1 of Springfield Leaks Exclusive: ISP monitors drug buy from sky; 7k worth of cocaine for sale

Paul Davis – AKA “Gush”

Springfield, Illinois – Paul Davis – AKA “Gush” has been charged federally in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois with multiple counts of intentionally distributing a substance containing a detectable amount of cocaine.

At this time, all documents detailing all of the times Davis has sold drugs to a confidential source(s) was not made available to us. However, there is one document that we did come across where the feds did reveal an undercover sale.

In October 2020, DEA agents, along with The Illinois State Police (ISP), Central Illinois Enforcement Croup (CIEG) and the Springfield Police Department (SPD) developed a confidential source who provided detailed information regarding Paul Davis, Christoper Wallace and James Cooper and their ongoing criminal narcotics enterprise. The confidential source provided information and conducted controlled purchases of cocaine from Davis and engaged into phone conversation with Davis regarding the sale of narcotics.

The confidential informant was cooperating with law enforcement in exchange for consideration on potential criminal drug charges and has been paid $200 for their cooperation.

Little is known to us (Springfield Leaks) at this time about this particular confidential source. But, what is known is that the confidential source has prior convictions for assault, narcotics and traffic related offenses.

Starting on October 8, 2020, members of the DEA, SRO, ISP CIEG, The Illinois State Police Air Operations, and the Springfield Police Department conducted a controlled purchase of approximately 126.5 grams of cocaine from a known Boss Playa “BP” gang member, Paul “Gush” Davis. The purchase of the cocaine was $7,000.

Prior to the controlled drug buy, agents established a surveillance in the area of Davis apartment, which is located in the 1500 block of Seven Pines Drive.

Prior to the controlled drug buy, the confidential source’s vehicle and persons was searched for contraband… None found. The confidential source then placed a recorded telephone call to Davis’ cell phone. The call went to voice mail, but a short time later Davis called the confidential source back. During the conversation with Davis, the confidential source told Davis that they were wanting to by 4 and a half ounces of cocaine. Davis agreed. The confidential source and Davis agreed to meet a a public location near the intersection of West Wabash and Veterans Parkway.

The confidential source was provided with $7,000 Official Advanced Fund (OAF) for the controlled drug buy. The confidential source was also equipped with covert audio/video recording devices.

Shortly, after being equipped with the convert audio/video recording devices, the confidential source received a call from Davis who told the source that he would be on his way. A short time later, after the call, a Springfield Police Officer, who was conducting surveillance at the intersection of W. Wabash Ave. and Chatham Rd., observed Davis in a Jeep Gladiator, which was a rental vehicle. The Jeep turned southbound on Chatham Road from West Wabash Ave. That same jeep was also observed by agents on October 4, 2020, parked in the area of the 1500 block of Seven Pines Road. The registration of the Jeep was checked and the Jeep, which was a rental vehicle, showed to be rented by Davis.

While the Springfield Police Officer observed Davis’ Jeep Gladiator turn on Chatham Rd., The Illinois State Police Air Ops also observed Davis’ rental Jeep southbound on Chatham Road. The Air Ops kept Davis’ Jeep under surveillance and observed the vehicle arrive at 2701 Fox Run Apartment and park in the front of the building. The ISP Air Ops observed a male waring a white shirt exit the jeep and walk toward the apartment building. Within a few minutes ISP Air Ops observed the male, who was wearing a white shirt, get into the Jeep and back out of the parking spot. ISP Air Ops kept the Jeep under constant surveillance and observed the Jeep arrive in the area of the arranged meet location at W. Wabash Ave and Veterans Parkway.

A DEA agent observed Davis exit the Jeep and get into the Confidential Source’s vehicle. Agents were able to hear the conversation between Davis and the confidential source in “real time.” Davis and the confidential source talked about the price of the cocaine and discussed that they weren’t making very much money from it. After the discussion, Davis returned this his vehicle and left. ISP Air Ops continued to monitor Davis’ vehicle and Davis was followed going back to the Fox run apartment after making a stop at a fast food restaurant. Surveillance was eventually terminated by the ISP Air Ops.

According to federal charging documents, a review of the covert audio/video recording showed Davis meeting with the confidential source and providing him/her with cocaine. The cocaine was field tested and tested positive for the presence of cocaine. The weight of the cocaine was approximately 126.50 grams, with packaging.

At this time, according to records, Davis is still in custody and is being represented by Springfield Attorney James Elmore.

Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks as we sort though these documents and make them immediately available to our readers. More is coming.

29 year old victim in fatal Wendy’s shooting in Springfield, Illinois identified

Latronze “Trigg” E. Kelly – Age 29

Springfield, Illinois – The victim in the fatal shooting that occurred on Thursday, December 10 at Wendy’s located at 2901 Lindbergh Blvd has been identified as 29 year old Latronze “Trigg” E. Kelly.

According to Springfield Police, an officer was in the area of Wendys around 7:35 p.m., when he reported gunshots being fired in the area. Several officers responded to the area where they discovered Kelly, who was a passenger in a mini-van, shot. Kelly was then transported to Memorial Medical Center by ambulance and pronounced deceased at the hospital.

According to initial reports and eyewitnesses at the scene, it was reported that the suspects were driving a dark green pickup truck with duct tape on the driver side window. The suspects were described as two black males, both armed and wearing COVID-19 masks. One of the suspects was also described as having twists in their hair.

This is currently being investigated as a homicide by Springfield Police and an arrest was not immediately made.

Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks for further updates to this story.

BREAKING: Woman arrested after helping Federal inmates break through window at Sang. Co. Jail; Drugs found in jail cell

Springfield, IllinoisIn a follow up to a Facebook post first reported by us, Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Campbell has provided us more details of the Sangamon County Jail Lockdown.

On Sunday, December 6th, at approximately 3:30 p.m. the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office received a tip of a broken window on the south side of the complex, in the jail.  Correctional Officers checked the exterior of the building and saw the broken window on the 3rd floor.  They then located the cell where there was a broken window and discovered a hole 3 to 4 inches in diameter.  The inmates which were housed in that cell were removed and questioned about the damage.  They are identified as James C. Russwinkel, age 36, and Randy Bull, age 38.  Both subjects are federal inmates and neither would cooperate with detectives.  

Detectives are reviewing potential charges and conducting more interviews.  It is not apparent how the window was broken, but contraband was discovered in the cell in question. Detectives developed information that Allison M. Poorman 26 years old of Springfield was assisting Russwinkle and Bull by supplying them with items that were used to damage the window. Detectives arrested Poorman on 12/08/2020 at approximately 3:30 pm during a traffic stop at 3rd and Keys streets in Springfield. Poorman is being held in the Sangamon County Jail on charges of bringing contraband into a Penal institution. The investigation is in its early stages and continues.      

Further inquiries about the federal inmates should be directed to the United States Marshal’s Service at 217-492-4430

Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks as we update this article and provide more information.

BREAKING: Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright has tested positive for COVID-19

Sangamon County State’s Attorney – Dan Wright

Springfield, Illinois – We have confirmed that Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright has tested positive for COVID-19.

According to sources close to Springfield Leaks, Wright announced that he tested positive this afternoon for COVID-19. “Wright hasn’t been in the office since December 3 and he told us that he has experienced only mild symptoms,” according to a Springfield Leaks source.

Our source tells us that Wright will be working from home in the meantime and that there will be a deep cleaning of several work areas as a precaution, but everything will return to normal by tomorrow morning.

Sangamon County Sheriff’s Thanksgiving enforcement numbers

Springfield, IL – The Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office issued 11 seat belt and child safety seat citations during the recent Thanksgiving enforcement effort. 

The Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office also took the following enforcement actions. 

  • One fugitive apprehended
  • Three suspended/revoked licenses
  • Three speeding citations
  • Two distracted driving citations

Law enforcement agencies throughout Illinois participated in this effort to reduce highway fatalities by getting impaired drivers off the roads and more people buckled up. The enforcement campaign took place from Nov. 20-30. 

During the mobilization, extra emphasis was placed on enforcement during late-night hours, when statistics show the most unbuckled and impaired driving fatalities occur. 

The Thanksgiving enforcement effort is made possible by federal traffic safety funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation as part of the statewide Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over and Click It or Ticket campaigns. 

Three arrested after burglarizing a residence

(Left – Right) Christopher M. Boelling – Age 34, Carolyn R. Guthrie – Age 33, and
Rusty L. Morrison – Age 44

Sangamon County, Illinois – Today, Wednesday, December 2, 2020, around 10:00 a.m., a 911 call came into Sangamon County Central Dispatch that a burglary in progress was occurring in the 1300 block of West State Route 123.  The residence was currently vacant, but the son of the property owner arrived and observed a vehicle backed up to the building. 

When Sangamon County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived they attempted to make contact in the residence.  Deputies heard movement from inside, but nobody answered the door. After several hours of attempting to speak to the occupants, entry was made and two suspects were found inside and a third suspect was located outside the residence. 

Christopher M. Boelling, age 34, and Carolyn R. Guthrie, age 33, both of the 200 block of N. State St., Springfield, and Rusty L. Morrison, age 44, of the 1000 block of East Washington St., Springfield, were arrested and charged with Residential Burglary and Criminal Trespass. 

They were taken into custody at approximately 1:00 p.m.

The Sheriff’s Office was assisted by Sherman PD, Williamsville PD, Athens PD and the ISP k-9 unit. 

Maskless Alderman wanted reporter thrown out of City Council meeting

Maskless Ward 1 Alderman Chuck Redpath

Springfield, Illinois – A maskless Alderman wanted a reporter removed from tonight’s City Council meeting after the reporter, who was taking pictures, was accused of violating the Alderman’s space.

Bruce Rushton, a reporter with the Illinois Times, attended the City Council meeting tonight and was accused by maskless Ward 1 Alderman Chuck Redpath of violating his space.

In an audio clip that is now published on the City of Springfield’s website, Redpath said to Mayor Jim Langfelder that he told Rushton that he didn’t want him to come to the front of the room. The reason why Redpath didn’t want Rushton to come to the front of the room was because Redpath didn’t have on a mask. “Are you going to say something about this?” Redpath asked the Mayor. “No. No I’m not,” replied Langfelder. “You’re going to let him walk around the room?” Redpath replied. “He (Rushton) has his mask on. He’ll keep his distance” said Langfelder. “But I don’t have my mask on and I don’t want to put it on because I’m 20 feet away from him,” responded Redpath.

After Langfelder attempted to start the meeting he was interrupted again. “I’m not going to forget this mayor, this is really important. I’m really angry with you about this,” Redpath said.


It is unknown at this time if Redpath will be ticketed by Springfield Police Chief Kenny Winslow for violating the City of Springfield’s mask mandate which requires individuals to wear masks in any indoor space. Winslow, who has shown thus far that he isn’t hesitant with writing citations for face mask violations, has so far issued 1 face mask citation. That citation was issued to a Moto Mart gas station customer after the customer told Winslow that he was “just trying to pay for his shit.”

CLICK HERE to see relevant story: Springfield Police Chief issued a Face Mask Ticket for Moto-Mart Customer

Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks for further updates.