After an unofficial homecoming party Auburn High School delays in-person learning due to students testing positive for COVID-19

(Right) Facebook post announcing the “unofficial homecoming dance in Auburn, Illinois”

Auburn, Illinois – After an unofficial homecoming party that was hosted in Auburn, Illinois by a Springfield School District 186 teacher, the Auburn Superintendent has postponed in-person learning due to a “few (high school) students” testing positive for COVID-19.

According to today’s announcement, Auburn Superintendent Darren J. Root, said the following:

102920 Message

I have been made aware that a few students in the high school have tested positive for COVID-19.  Due to possible exposures, we are delaying the in-person start at the high school by one week (Nov 9) to ensure the safety of all students and staff.   

  • High school special education and CBE students will go remote until Nov 9.
  • High school students receiving meals will be all drive-up curb-side at the high school cafeteria. 
  • There will be no high school WiFi access until Nov 9. 
  • This does not affect the junior high starting in-person on Monday Nov 2, nor does it change anything grades K-5.  

Again, the high school will begin in-person on Monday, Nov 9. 

Darren J. Root


Auburn CUSD 10

The unofficial homecoming dance was hosted by Springfield School District 186 teacher Kadence Koen, on Saturday, October 24, 2020. In order for the Junior and Senior high school students to attend the unofficial homecoming dance, they were also required to sign a waiver which approximately 100 students turned in.

According to a Sangamon County Sheriff Deputy who observed the party, he noted that during his second visit to Koen’s parent’s residence, he observed approximately 40-45 cars parked in the front yard of the residence. All the doors on the barn where the students were attending the homecoming dance was closed. When the deputy arrived on the scene, one of the homeowners met him in the driveway and advised that News Channel 20 was there earlier trying to film the kids, so they used KC lights on one of the trucks to obstruct their view. The resident also told the deputy that she has kept the number of people inside the barn limited to 50 people. “There were 4 kids that left when I was on scene. They were all wearing masks when they exited the barn,” the deputy noted. The deputy also reported that the music inside the barn was at a reasonable level and that the resident was aware of the Springfield Leaks positing on Facebook. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FACEBOOK POST)

At this time, in-person learning at Auburn High School has been rescheduled to Monday, November 9, 2020.

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  1. Springfield School District 186 teacher Kadence Koen, hold her responsible, if shes a teacher and student’s were her best interests , she wouldve followed strict pandemic policy

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