SCDP Chairwoman Doris Turner: Stop stealing candidate yard signs

Sangamon County Democratic Party Chairwoman – Doris Turner

Springfield, Illinois – Today, the Sangamon County Democratic Party (SCDP) called on the Sangamon County Republican Party to join them in denouncing those that steal candidate yard signs.

“We know how important this election is and how that heightened sense of urgency can energize supporters on both sides”, said SCDP Chairwoman Doris Turner. “What is not acceptable is channeling that excitement into theft of other people’s property.” In recent weeks, Turner indicated that she and other Democratic officials have fielded numerous complaints from area supporters of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris that their yard signs had been stolen, most coming from a twelve-block area surrounding Washington Park.

One supporter, Kris, reported having her Biden sign stolen twice this year. “It’s really sad, but not surprising, in today’s politics that individuals would stoop so low as to steal other people’s signs. It’s just another reminder of how much we need more civility in our discourse.” said Kris. But, Kris’ desire to show her support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is undeterred, “They can steal all the yard signs they want, but they can’t stop people like me from voting Trump and his enablers out of office.”

Chairwoman Turner went on to say, “As Democrats, one of our core beliefs is that everyone has the right to express support for their chosen candidate. In the strongest terms possible we condemn anyone that steals or vandalizes an opponent’s signs or other displays. It’s past time for local Republican officials to do the same.”

BREAKING: Killer arrested after he strangled a woman at McFarland Mental Health Center until she passed out

Gary B. Schmitt – Age 56

Springfield, Illinois – Illinois State Police arrested a McFarland Health Center patient after he strangled a woman from behind until she passed out.

The suspect was identified by McFarland Security as Gary B. Schmitt, age 56. In 2012 Schmitt was sent to McFarland after being found not guilty by reason of insanity after he killed his father with a rock and attempted to kill two women with a knife.

His recent encounter with police happened on Friday, September 18, 2020 around 6:15 p.m. Illinois State Police Trooper Anthony Kink arrested Schmitt for Aggravated Battery, a class 3 felony and Battery, a class 4 felony. Trooper Kink reported that Schmitt entered another patents room and attacked a female patient from behind. “Schmitt wrapped his hands around the female’s neck and started to strangle the female victim,” Trooper Kink wrote. “The female victim lost consciousness and security was alerted to the incident. Emergency medical transported the female victim to (a local hospital) where she was treated for her injuries.”

Last year, Schmitt wanted to be released to a group home in Springfield, Illinois instead of residing at McFarland. He petitioned the court for that request but was denied by Effingham Circuit Court Judge Kimberly Koester. Koester had ruled that Schmitt remains risky. “This court cannot conclude that after only six years of treatment that the defendant (Schmitt) has shown that he would not benefit from in-patient treatment. Only further time with continued compliance and increasing privileges will we see if the defendant is truly in control of mental illness,” Koester wrote.

Schmitt was found not guilty of murdering his father in 2010. At the time, police believed his father might have fallen, but an autopsy proved otherwise. Six months later, after killing his father, Schmitt reconnected via Facebook with a woman, who he knew from high school. He attacked the woman and her daughter with a hunting knife. After attacking both women, Schmitt drove to his mother’s house and turned himself in to police. During questioning by police, he told them he killed his father.

According to past media reports, Schmitt had been suffering from mental illness since the 1980’s.

Schmitt is still in custody at the Sangamon County Jail awaiting official charges.

BREAKING: 17 year old kidnapped at a Gas Station in Springfield, Illinois; Suspect in custody and the woman is safe

Officers located a suspect wanted for aggravated vehicular hijacking and armed robbery on Fairmont Dr and E. Griffiths St., in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois – Yesterday, around 10:00 p.m., a black male suspect, armed with a handgun, kidnapped a 17 year old girl in her vehicle – a white Chrysler Sebring. The aggravated vehicular hijacking occurred at Thorntons Gas Station located at 3001 Wabash Ave.

Shortly, after the aggravated vehicular hijacking, an armed robbery was reported at the Circle K gas station located at 2700 Adlai Stevenson Dr. Initial reports didn’t indicate that the gas station was robbed, but that it may have been individuals who were at or near the gas station. The suspect in this armed robbery was also described as a black male, wearing a dirty white t-shirt, dark grey sweat pants, armed with a black handgun, and driving a white Chrysler Sebring.

After a description of the suspect and vehicle used in this armed robbery was provided through dispatch, an officer spotted the white Sebring on W. Hazel Dell Road near the University of Illinois at Springfield. When the officer attempted to pull the vehicle over, the suspect fled the area at a high rate of speed – up to 90 miles per hour. Due to safety and the vehicle speed, Springfield Police Officers were ordered to stop pursuing the suspect.

With the assistance of the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office, Illinois State Police and University of Illinois Police, the vehicle was located on Fairmont Dr. and E. Griffiths Ave. The suspect was taken into custody and the 17 year old girl was reported as safe.

Initial reports indicated that the suspect involved in the aggravated vehicular hijacking at Thorntons Gas Station and the armed robbery reported at the Circle K gas station was the same suspect.

Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks for further updates to this developing story.

Fights, Shootings, Drinking Outside of Bars, No Face Masks – Why so hard on the Wet Bar? (VIDEOS)

(Left) Two women attack a third woman outside of the Dirty South Bar, (Middle) A man is shot in the arm at the Elks Lodge (Right) A fight occurs outside of the Alamo Sports Bar in Downtown Springfield

Springfield, Illinois – A Downtown Springfield Bar owner, who’s liquor license has been suspended until further notice, says he feels singled out after pictures and videos have emerged from other incidents at other Springfield Bars.

Yatti Ely, the owner of the Wet Bar in Downtown Springfield, attended a hearing this week after his liquor license was suspended by Springfield Mayor, Jim Langfelder. We spoke with Ely regarding the hearing and he told us that his three count complaint against him was reduced down to only two complaints. One for patrons leaving the bar with alcoholic drinks and another for not having tables for patrons to sit at.

Ely’s liquor license was suspended after attention was focused on his bar because of a fight that resulted in 32 year old Dearius Jones being fatally shot and another male victim being stabbed. In the complaint, the city alleges that Jones was fatally shot in front of the Wet Bar, something that Ely vehmetly denies. “I have cameras that face the front of my bar and he wasn’t shot in the front of my bar.”

Ely said although Jones wasn’t shot in front of his bar, he provided Springfield Police Detectives video from his surveillance cameras after they requested it. “Trying to be helpful,” Ely said. But once Detectives received the video, the city used it against Ely during his liquor license hearing, which Ely says “I feel like it was a set up because I provided them with the video.”

When we asked Ely, who is the only downtown black bar owner, about his liquor license suspension hearing, he said he questioned if he was a white man, would he be sanctioned this hard? “With this being my first liquor offense, this my first COVID offense, you guys came awfully hard on me. And not only that, but for me not having any violations in the past three years, why are you coming so hard on me?”

Surveillance Screenshot of the Inside of the Wet Bar at 1:01 a.m., (Time Stamp says 12:01, but according to Ely the surveillance system doesn’t acknowledge day lights savings time). Bottom of the bar is empty, while upstairs of the bar has a few patrons.

Ely said an officer did come by and visit his bar before opening that night, and he told the officer that he didn’t have tables for the bar patrons to sit at, but an “officer told me that’s fine just as long as everyone wear masks.”

As far as the alcoholic drinks going outside of the Wet Bar, Ely said his employees tries to monitor that, but you can’t always stop everyone.

The Wet Bar hasn’t been the only Bar that has had problems. Photos and videos, which was provided to us anonymously, shows the Alamo Sports Bar, this past weekend with a large crowd, no masks, a patron with a beer bottle outside of the bar, and a fight that occurred outside.

(Photo to the right is of a bar patron holding and drinking a beer outside of the bar)

Video of a fight outside the Alamo

At this time, the Alamo, which is located three blocks down from the Wet Bar, has yet had to face similar sanctions as the Wet Bar.

Two other Springfield Bars have also had similar problems. The Elks Lodge, located at 1809 E. Brown St., and the Dirty South, located at 1231 E Cook St,

On September 6, 2020 around 3:15 a.m., a man was shot in the arm, while standing outside of the Elks Lodge during a large gathering.

Also that night, a woman was attacked by patrons at another bar – the Dirty South. The woman, who is a State of Illinois employee, sustained serious injuries that resulted in her being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at a local Springfield Hospital. According to family members of the Woman, she sustained bleeding on her brain, scarred knees and severe face and eye injury as a result of getting kicked numerous times in the face (Video below this paragraph). Two suspects, who was kicking the woman, was identified to Springfield Police as Mylisha Davis and Lakeia Crawford. Both women have not been charged by the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office at this time.

Video of a woman being attacked outside of the Dirty South on September 6, 2020.

The Elks Lodge and the Dirty South, which are on the East Side of town, has not had to face similar sanctions as the Wet Bar.

So we have to ask – Fights, Shootings, Drinking Outside of Bars, No Face Masks – Why so hard on the Wet Bar? Yet, while we wonder why the City has taken a drastic measure against the Wet Bar, Ely is wondering when or even if, he will have a bar to go back to?

*The City was not available for comment.

Victim in Converse Ave Homicide identified as 21 year old Springfield Man

Springfield, Illinois – Yesterday, around 10:46 a.m., Springfield Police responded to the 2000 block of E. Converse Ave., after a caller reported to police that a black male, who did not appear to be breathing, was in the callers back yard. The caller did not know who the man was.

Paramedics, who were the first on the scene, advised that the man was dead. The man, who had multiple gunshot wounds to his upper torso, was identified as 21 year old Daudoe Davis.

Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks for further updates.

BREAKING: Man found dead on E. Converse Ave; Now being investigated as a homicide

2000 block of E. Converse Ave.

Springfield, Illinois – Around 10:46 a.m., today, Springfield Police responded to the 2000 block of E. Converse Ave., after a caller reported to police that a black male, who did not appear to be breathing, was in the callers back yard. The caller did not know who the man was.

Paramedics, who were the first on the scene, advised that the man was dead. According to sources close to Springfield Leaks, a gun was also found out at the scene and the death of the man is being investigated as a homicide, after discovering several gunshot wounds to his upper torso.

Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon tells us that an autopsy will be performed tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks for further updates.

BREAKING NEWS: Springfield Man missing in St. Louis, Missouri; Suffers from dementia

Darryl Winder – Age 66 of Springfield, Illinois


Springfield, Illinois / St. Louis, Missouri – A 66 year old Springfield, Illinois resident, who was in St. Louis, Missouri for a doctors appointment, has been reported as missing since Monday.

According to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Darryl Winder, age 66, went missing on Monday, September 7, 2020. Winder also suffers from dementia.

A flyer that has since been released by family members describes Winder as a black male, 5’07, 135 lbs, and has brown eyes.

Although Winder has a beard, the flyer states that his beard has been dyed black and that he also suffers from dementia.

If you have information about the location of Darryl Winder, you are encouraged to contact police at 911 or also the following telephone numbers: (217) 553-5440, (314) 376-4498, (314) 814-5034, (314) 783-7445.

BREAKING: One dead, one wounded in 2 separate shootings in Springfield, Illinois

(Left) Crime Scene of the first shooting (Right) Police respond to a second shooting

Springfield, Illinois – Yesterday, Springfield Police responded to two calls for shots fired. In one of the shots fired call, a man was fatally shot and in the second shots fired call, a woman was shot.

The first shots fired call came in around 9:30 p.m., in the 3100 block of Butler St.

When officers arrived they located shell casings in the street, but did not find a victim.

A few minutes later, police received a call from St. John’s Hospital Security who informed them that there was a gunshot victim in the Emergency Room.

The victim, Gary Broomfield, age 18, sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced deceased at St. John’s Hospital Emergency Room at 3:35 a.m.

No suspect information was immediately available.

The second shots fired call came in around 10:10 p.m.

A woman called police and told them that she had just been shot while in the 2200 block of S. 13th St. Initial reports indicated that the woman may have been shot in the arm. She was taken to a local Springfield Hospital.

No suspect information was immediately available.

Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks for further updates.

Male Victim shot twice on E. Spruce St. in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois – Around 1:50 a.m., Springfield Police responded to 1100 block of E. Spruce St. for reports of gunshots.

Initial reports indicate that a 26 year old male victim was shot twice and stuck in both legs.

At this time a suspect was not immediately arrested, but according to police they are pursuing a suspect in this shooting.

The victim was transported to a local Springfield hospital.

Stay tuned to Springfield Leaks for updates on an arrest.

BREAKING: Springfield Pediatric Surgeon found dead last night in his home

Dr. John Sandoval

Springfield, Illinois – A Springfield Pediatric Surgeon was found deceased at his residence last night.

The Sangamon County Coroner’s office has confirmed that they responded to a residence in the 300 block of East Madison Street shortly after 10 p.m. last night in reference to a deceased subject found inside his residence.  

The individual was identified as Dr. John Sandoval, age 48, of Springfield. He was pronounced deceased at his residence at 10:27 p.m.

Last year, Dr. Sandoval was placed on unpaid administrative leave by HSHS St. John’s Hospital after his arrest for Aggravated Domestic Battery. He was scheduled to go to trial on that charge in November.

According to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Sandoval’s physician and surgeon’s license was suspended shortly after his arrest and still remains suspended.

Allmon tells us that an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Dr. Sandoval’s death is being investigated by the Sangamon County Coroner’s Office and the Springfield Police Department.

Stay tuned to this article as we update it.