(VIDEO) Parents outraged after Grant Middle School Dean said Pierre Scott was fatally stabbed because his younger brother beat the sh*t out of the suspect’s brother

(Left) Brian Hoffek – Dean of Students and Athletics Director at Grant Middle School in Springfield, Illinois
(Right) Pierre V. Scott Jr., age 18 – Fatally stabbed outside Lanphier High School

Springfield, Illinois – Brian Hoffek, who is the Dean of Students and the Athletics Director at Grant Middle School located at 1800 W. Monroe St., was heard over a live broadcast at a basketball game talking about the fatal stabbing of Pierre Scott at Lanphier High School.

We’re told that the conversation was brought up after Pierre’s younger brother, who is also a Grant Middle School student, was spotted at the basketball game. Hoffek was heard saying “he’s the brother of the one that just died. He beat up the little brother of the girl who stabbed the kid that died. His brother is the one who died at lanphier.”

Hoffek also said in the live broadcast that Pierre’s younger brother “beat the shit out of” the suspects younger brother at Washington Middle School and the “momma went nuts.”

That conversation now has parents and students asking for Hoffek’s dismissal from his job. One parent who emailed us regarding the video said, “Hoffek acted in an unprofessional manner and displayed lack of respect towards parents, but also thought it would be ok to openly discuss a student’s personal issues in public. Not only was it in public, but it was overheard at a school athletic event. The student in discussion is experiencing a tragic time from the loss of a loved one. He needs support of his teachers, community and classmates. Why is this ok?”

Springfield School District 186 spokesperson confirmed to us that they are aware of the situation and provided the following statement, “We are aware of the situation and it was immediately addressed. This is a sensitive matter, and we take the privacy of our students seriously. Violations of student privacy are not acceptable and we are committed to the protection of the students we serve. We cannot discuss details of personnel matters.”

Pierre Scott, a student at Lanphier High School, was fatally stabbed on November 17, 2021 while leaving school. A 15 year old girl has since been arrested and charged for the fatal stabbing of Scott.

At this time don’t know what actions Springfield School District 186 has taken against Hoffek because we’re told it’s a personnel matter.



Stay tuned for updates to this story.

Luech Kustoms owner accused of sexual assault; Investigation still ongoing

(Left) Springfield Firefighters responded to a business previously occupied by Luech Kustoms to put out a fire on November 30, 2021
(Right) Jose A. Luciano, owner of Luech Kustoms

Springfield, Illinois – After an “accidental electrical” fire occurred yesterday around 9:19 p.m., at a business previously occupied by Luech Kustoms located at 503 N. Dirksen Pkwy., we were tipped off about an ongoing criminal investigation. That ongoing criminal investigation involves a 21 year old woman who reported that she was sexually assaulted by the owner of Luech Kustoms.

According to the 21 year old victim, she told detectives that she took her boyfriend’s blue 2015 Dodge pickup truck to Luech Kustoms at 8:00 a.m., on April 5, 2021. The victim reported that “Luech” was the person doing tint services to the vehicle and that he was the business owner.

According to a Springfield Leaks source, “Leuch” is a documented alias and nickname for Jose A. Luciano Jr.

The victim told detectives that her brother knows Jose and was told by her brother that Jose said that she would be allowed to hang out at the business while he was completing the window tint job.

The victim said Jose arrived at 8:30 a.m., and had his children, a 14 year old girl and a 3 year old boy, with him at the tint shop. The victim said Jose drove the pick up truck inside the business and began the tint job, but kept the bay door open. The victim said she was seated in the front passenger seat while her daughter, a 9 month old, was seated in the front driver’s seat. The victim said Jose started making comments about wanting to touch her butt. Jose eventually asked the victim to move to the front driver seat area, which she did because she thought it was for spatial reasons so he could work on the window tint.

The victim told detectives that while she was standing near the door, with her daughter seated in the front driver seat, Jose began touching her right buttock area approximately twice. The victim then said Jose “whipped his dick out” and told her to touch it. The victim said while Jose penis was out, he grabbed her hand and pulled it to his crotch area several times against her will. Her hand, eventually made contact with his penis after she said “no” several times. The victim said Jose then asked her if she wanted him to have someone pick up his children and she said, “no.” The victim then heard Jose tell his daughter to have their babysitter come get them. A person named Adam eventually picked up the children.

The victim told detectives that she recalled a customer coming in and inquiring about fog lights and after the customer left, Jose continued to do work on the victim’s boyfriends truck. At this time, Jose locked the walk in door and shut the bay door. While the victim was in the back of the truck, with her daughter, she said Jose was standing on the truck frame near her and he “pulled his dick out” and told her to “suck it.” She replied “no” and he repeatedly told her to do it.

The victim said Jose made her exit the truck, sit on a black stool, and “made me.” The victim said she was smacked on the left side of the neck, which she said was swollen. Detectives report that her neck was later photographed. In addition to smacking her, the victim said Jose grabbed the back of her hair and told her to take her shirt off. After the victim refused, she claimed Jose ripped it off her. Jose then allegedly told the victim to take her bra off and she replied no, but eventually took it off.

During the oral sex, the victim said Jose’s penis was hard, uncircumcised and had a medium amount of pubic hair. The victim said Jose grabbed her head and she kept pulling away, but Jose continued to pull her head to his penis while grabbing the back of her her hair with his right hand. The victim said Jose ejaculated in her mouth and then opened the bay door after finishing the tint. The victim said Jose gave her a blue shop towel to clean up.

According to a source, it was confirmed that the victim was at the business for approximately 6 hours and 23 minutes.

A source confirmed to us that the victim was examined at St. John’s hospital on the same day of the sexual assault. From the examination, there was a substance on the victim’s chin and left breast area that was swabbed. It was also noted next to a diagram of a mouth, that there was redness seen on the victim.

Luech Kustoms has since relocated to 3051 Reilly Drive months before the “accidental electrical” fire started.

Detectives tell us that the investigation into this sexual assault is ongoing. We also want to remind our readers that at this time this is an accusation and according to records there have been no arrest or charges.

BREAKING: Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright plans to charge 15 y/o fatal stabbing suspect as an adult

(LEFT) Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright
(RIGHT) Pierre V. Scott Jr., age 18 – Fatally stabbed outside Lanphier High School

Springfield, Illinois – Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright announced today that the juvenile suspect in the November 17, 2021 stabbing incident at Lanphier High School in Springfield has been formally charged with 3 counts of First Degree Murder, 3 counts of Aggravated Battery (Class 3) and 2 counts of Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon (Class 4).

Wright’s office filed the charges on November 18th and secured an arrest warrant which was then utilized by the Springfield Police Department to bring the suspect into custody today at approximately 11:00 a.m. with the assistance of the U.S. Marshal’s Great Lakes Regional Task Force.

Under Illinois law, the charges must be initially filed in juvenile court because the suspect is under the age of 16. The State’s Attorney’s Office will file a petition to transfer the charges to adult court under the circumstances of this case. The case would automatically be excluded from juvenile court jurisdiction and filed in adult court if the suspect was 16 or older.

If tried and convicted as an adult, the suspect could face between 22 to 65 years in prison.
The suspect remains in custody at the Sangamon County Juvenile Detention Center. Anyone with information concerning this incident is asked to call the Springfield Police Department (217) 788-8311 and/or Sangamon/Menard County Crime Stoppers (217) 788-8427.

The public is reminded that charges are only allegations and all defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

Stay tuned for updates to this story.

50 year old Springfield man faces a mandatory life sentence after being convicted of a 2018 shooting

Dwayne K. Taylor – Age 50

Springfield, Illinois – Dwayne K. Taylor, age 50, of Springfield was found guilty of Aggravated Battery with a Firearm (Class X), Armed Habitual Criminal (Class X), and Unlawful Possession of a Weapon by a Felon (Class 2) by a Sangamon County jury Wednesday night after a 3-day trial before Associate Judge Rudolph Braud, Jr.

The trial was conducted by Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright and Assistant State’s Attorney Meghan McCarthy. Mr. Taylor was represented by Attorney Jay Elmore.

The charges arose from a May 1, 2018 shooting at 2070 Bradley Court in Springfield.

During the trial, Wright played the Defendant’s own statements recorded during his interview with SPD Detectives, on body camera video recorded while he waited to be booked into the jail, and telephone calls while in custody.

The revolver, which was used in the shooting, was later found in the grass in a lot across from Feitshans Elementary School with a holster. The Illinois State Police Crime Lab later found Taylor’s DNA on the holster and also identified a fingerprint found the day of the shooting on the victim’s car door.

Taylor, who was on parole at the time of the shooting, admitted he drove the victim’s car away from the scene to a nearby parking lot and parked the car. Taylor then drove with his girlfriend in her car to a local laundry mat where he switched cars and rode with a friend across town before they were stopped by police and Taylor was arrested.

Taylor admitted to having the gun on him at the time of his arrest, but ditched it at some point in the grass across from Feitshans Elementary School.

Taylor decided to testify and was cross-examined by Wright about his contradictory statements since the shooting and during his testimony. Taylor testified at trial that he didn’t shoot the victim, but the victim brought the gun to his door. He said the victim raised clasped hands toward him, but he didn’t see the gun. Taylor testified that he grabbed the victim’s hands and the gun went off, shooting the victim during the struggle.

However, Taylor’s story was different when he spoke to Detectives and other SPD officers on the day of the shooting. He told officers that he shot the victim with a revolver.

The victim, who was shot in the left bicep and ran away after the shooting, didn’t testify at trial. According to the recorded phone calls played for the Jury, Taylor asked various third-parties to take steps on the outside to influence witnesses.

Illinois law permits a State’s Attorney to seek adjudication of a defendant as an Habitual Criminal upon conviction of a third Class X offense within a period of 20 years (not including any time in which the individual was in custody) and the person was at least 21 upon commission of the first Class X or greater offense.

Prior to the trial, State’s Attorney Dan Wright filed notice of his intent to seek a mandatory natural life sentence pursuant to the Illinois Habitual Criminals statute.

Taylor’s adult criminal history, which he served various sentences in the Department of Corrections prior to the 2018 shooting, includes the following:

Robbery (Class 2 – 1990; Cook County)
Armed Robbery (Class X – 1992; Cook County)
Various drug convictions between 1996-2004 in Cook County
Armed Robbery (Class X – 2005; Cook County)
Possession of a Controlled Substance (Class 4 – 2016; Sangamon County)

State’s Attorney Dan Wright stated “The defendant’s extensive history of forcible felonies, drug dealing and gun offenses has come to an end with the jury’s verdict and we are deeply grateful for their sacrifices of time and attention to decide this very important case. We will seek a mandatory natural life sentence as permitted under current Illinois law. Mr. Taylor is a perfect example of the critical need to preserve the ability of law enforcement to get violent criminals off the streets and behind bars where they cannot harm law-abiding citizens.”

Upon adjudication as an Habitual Criminal, a sentence of natural life in prison is mandated by Illinois law. 730 ILCS 5/5-4.5-95.

Taylor’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for January 14, 2022 at 3 p.m.

Springfield Attorney charged with D.U.I. told cops they were assholes and charges will be thrown out

(Left) Sarah R. Noll – Age 41 standing outside her Office
(Right) Sarah R. Noll – Age 41 in the back of an University of Illinois Springfield Police Car after being arrested for DUI

Springfield, Illinois – A Captain with The Illinois National Guard and former Prosecutor with the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office, who went into private practice, was charged last month after being pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol, improper lane usage and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. As a result of those charges, a special prosecutor has been appointed to handle the case.

The charges stemmed from a traffic stop that occurred on September 27, 2021, around 9:39 p.m., after Sangamon County Dispatch received a call from a concerned motorist. The motorist told dispatch that they witnessed a maroon Ford truck swerving all over the highway, and was last seen traveling southbound on Canadian Cross Dr. between Motorheads Bar and Grill and the Road Ranger located on Toronto Road. Shortly, after the motorist called dispatch, a Springfield Police Officer attempted to find the vehicle, but was unable to locate it.

Then around 11:10 p.m., Sgt. Justin Emmons with the University of Illinois Springfield Police Department observed a maroon Ford F-150 traveling eastbound on Toronto road past S. 11th St. at Toranto Road. The driver of the vehicle was later identified as Sarah R. Noll, age 41.

Sgt. Emmons said he caught up with the Ford F-150 at the intersection of Shepherd Rd. and West Lake Shore Dr. and once he followed the vehicle, he observed the vehicle cross over the the center lane and the shoulder lane several times.

“While following the marroon ford truck, I observed the vehicle pass over the solid white line on the shoulder of the road. I then witnessed the vehicle cross over the center double solid yellow line and continue driving over the double solid center lane for approximately six seconds before returning to its lane of traffic. I then observed the vehicle cross over the center double solid yellow line again, and serve back in to its lane of traffic. I again witnessed the vehicle cross over the solid white shoulder line. Finally, I witnessed the vehicle fully cross over the center double solid yellow lane in to the oncoming lane of traffic.” Sgt. Emmons wrote in his report. “Due to the bending nature of the roadway the vehicle was traveling on which could potentially obstruct the view of oncoming traffic, I feared for the safety of any potential oncoming motorist, as well as the driver of the maroon ford truck with the risk of a head-on collision.”

Sgt. Emmons activated his emergency lights and the maroon vehicle pulled into the drive way of a residence in the 2300 block of West Lake Shore Drive.

Sgt. Emmons reported that upon making contact with Sarah Noll, he immediately detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage “emitting from the driver side window of the vehicle.” When Sgt. Emmons asked Noll where she was coming from, she replied, “none of your business, I’m going home.” Noll then asked if she was being recorded on Sgt. Emmons dash cam, and he confirmed that she was. “She (Noll) replied that she wasn’t going to say anything else.”

Noll then provided her driver’s license and the vehicle registration.

With Noll’s driver’s license and registration in hand, Sgt. Emmons asked Noll for proof of insurance for the vehicle and was given another expired copy of the vehicles registration. Noll then told Sgt. Emmons that she did not have proof of insurance in the truck.

During Sgt. Emmons interaction with Noll, he said Noll’s eyes were bloodshot, her speech was slurred and the odor of an alcoholic beverage became strong.

Sgt. Emmons then contacted Sangamon County Dispatch to confirm if Noll’s vehicle, the maroon Ford F-150, was the same vehicle called in earlier by the concerned citizen who was reporting an intoxicated driver. Dispatch confirmed, based on the license plate, that it was the vehicle called in earlier by the concerned citizen.

While Sgt. Emmons was running Noll’s information, he witnessed her vehicle lurch forward, and quickly come to a halt after she slammed on the brakes. Noll was then asked to move the truck approximately fifteen feet forward, turn the vehicle off and to step out. Once Noll was out of the vehicle, Sgt. Emmons asked her how much she had to drink? Noll responded, “two drinks.”

Sgt. Emmons said when he asked her when did she have the drinks, “she responded with extremely slurred speech, none of your business.”

Noll was then asked to perform standardized field sobriety tests to make sure she was OK to drive, but declined.

“I explained to Noll about the call to police that had been made earlier in the evening due to dangerous driving, and Noll stated that she didn’t know what I was talking about, but would be happy to review a report of it. I then instructed Noll to turn around and place her hands behind her back, to which she replied, “no thank you,” but immediately complied.”

Noll was placed under arrest at 11:24 p.m., for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Once Noll arrived at the UIS Police Department, Sgt. Emmons said she then became confrontational and insulting. “I instructed Noll to sit in a chair, but she refused. I told Noll that she could stand if she wished, but she was not to move around during processing. Noll proceeded to continuously stray from where she was told to stand, and had to be commanded to sit. Noll eventually sat down in the chair of her own will. She continuously stated that we should be observing her walk in straight lines, and that she was not slurring her speech. Noll repeatedly stated that her eyes were not bloodshot, and asked if we thought her eyes were bloodshot. When both Officer Morgan and I explained to Noll that her eyes were very bloodshot, she stated that they were bloodshot because of her contacts.”

Sgt. Emmons said while he was completing the paperwork, Noll had more to say regarding her arrest. “Noll continuously talked about being a prosecutor for years and how DUI charges would be thrown out. Noll also repeatedly stated that she had just got back from a deployment in the Ukraine, and that we were assholes for arresting her. While I was completing paperwork, Noll told me how she used to think paperwork was important when she was new, and continuously called me a rookie. Noll’s handcuffs were removed during processing due to continuous complaints of discomfort, even though handcuffs had been adjusted for her multiple times, and she agreed that she was not in any pain. After the cuffs were removed, Noll’s attitude changed from aggression, to crying. Noll also stated that we should not include her military history in the police report.

Noll was issued a citation for improper lane usage, driving under the influence of alcohol and operating an uninsured vehicle. When Sgt. Emmons attempted to explain the tickets to Noll, she responded and said, “do I look like I care about those fucking tickets?”

Noll was not transported to the Sangamon County Jail and was issued a Notice to Appear in court due to current COVID-19 restrictions at the Sangamon County Jail.

Although Noll’s business partner and husband, Daniel Noll, specializes in criminal defense and specifically DUI defense, he was not listed as an attorney to handle her case. She has since retained Springfield Attorney James Elmore.

The Illinois Secretary of State also reported that they suspended Noll’s driver’s license on November 13, 2021 for a minimum of 12 months due to her arrest for DUI and her refusal to submit to a DUI test.

Noll is currently scheduled to appear back in court on November 29.

Springfield Leaks did obtain video footage of the traffic stop and video of Noll being transported to the UIS Police Department. Both videos can be viewed below:

First video – Traffic stop and arrest of Sarah Noll


Second video – Sarah Noll being taken to the UIS Police Department


If you are unable to view the videos, CLICK HERE FOR THE FIRST VIDEO, and CLICK HERE FOR THE SECOND VIDEO.


NARCOTICS INVESTIGATION: Fentanyl, money and bullets found during search by SCSO DIRT TEAM

David A. Perkins – Age 36

Springfield, Illinois – On November 12, 2021, at 5:30 a.m., the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office DIRT team and Tactical Response Unit executed a search warrant in the 900 block of West Calhoun.

The warrant was obtained as a result of a narcotics investigation involving David A. Perkins, age 36.

During the search of Perkins’ residence, approximately 4.5 grams of suspected Fentanyl, $420 of United States Currency, 101 rounds of 9mm ammunition, and two cellphones.

Perkins was taken to the Sangamon County Jail and faces one count of Possession of a Controlled Substance (Fentanyl) and three counts of Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance (Fentanyl).

According to records, Perkins has a prior weapons conviction and is currently out on bond and awaiting trial on a 2019 Aggravated Battery Case in Sangamon County. He is also awaiting trial (and on a home electronic monitoring device) for a 2021 Criminal Trespass to Residence case in Logan County.

Sheriff’s deputies also reported that during the execution of the search warrant, three females and a young child were present inside the residence, but they do not face any charges at this time.

Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Campbell said after the arrest, “Fentanyl is becoming increasing popular with those addicted to heroin. Fentanyl is highly addictive and can cause respiratory distress and death. Fentanyl is up to 100 times more potent than morphine and is responsible for the majority of overdose cases. Fentanyl is commonly found in other substances, mainly heroin, however it has been discovered in cocaine and methamphetamine also. The trend of Fentanyl being sold and ingested is troubling.”

Chicago man who plead guilty to a 2016 Rochester murder dodges a minimum of 45 years; Plea deal will allow him free in 8 years

Marcus R. Russell – Age 29

Springfield, Illinois – Yesterday, a Chicago man plead guilty to second degree murder and unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon.

Marcus R. Russell, age 29, who was represented by Criminal Defense Attorney’s Mark Wykoff and Dan Fultz, reached a plea agreement with the Sangamon County State’s Attorneys office for the shooting death of 31 year old Matthew Grady in 2016. The last minute plea deal was reached after a jury had been selected and before opening statements.

Sangamon County Judge Jennifer Ascher also accepted the plea agreement, which greatly reduced the risk of Russell being behind bars for a minimum of 45 years, to be served at 100 percent, if he was found guilty by a jury.

According to the plea agreement, Russell was sentenced to the maximum of 20 years for second degree murder and 8 years for unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon. Russell will have to serve 50 percent of both sentences and they will run consecutive (one after the other). Russell was also credited with 2044 days for awaiting trial in the Sangamon County Jail and will be eligible for release in approximately the next 8 years.

According to prosecutors, Grady, who was a Rochester Il., resident, was shot towards his skull and chest. Prosecutors told the judge that before the fatal shooting occurred both Russell and Grady were armed. “There was a struggle and this defendant had a handgun and Matthew Grady had a handgun and Russell shot him.” Former Sangamon County Sheriff Wes Barr told the media in 2016 that a drug deal was being conducted before the fatal shooting. According to reports, the drug deal that was being conducted was for weed.

Assistant Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Brian Shaw and Steve Perbix represented the State.

In addition to the charges Russell was facing here, he will now be sent to Cook County for two pending Class X cases. If Russell receives any additional sentences from his Cook County cases, they will be calculated separately.

Woman who killed Springfield Man while fleeing from police in March 2020 will be free in the next 2 years

(Left) Ladeja P. Frazier, age 24 (Middle) Scene of the traffic crash (Right) Sean Richie and his son, Jaylen

Springfield, Illinois – A Springfield woman was sentenced yesterday after she pleaded guilty to fleeing and eluding Sangamon County Sheriff’s Deputies. While fleeing from Deputies at 80+ miles per hour, she crashed into a Springfield Man who was in the car with his young son. The man died days later, and his son, who had to be revived at the scene, was critically injured, but survived.

On March 2, 2020, a Sangamon County Sheriff Deputy attempted to stop a 2007 gray Pontiac G6 on 17th and Stuart. Ladeja P. Frazier, age 24, who was the driver, fled from deputies, without lights, and had a minor in her vehicle, who was under the age of 12. 

While fleeing from Deputies, Frazier, approached the area of E. Laurel St. and 19th St., going over 80 mph, where she crashed into 28 year old Sean Richie. Richie’s son, Jaylen, was also in the vehicle at the time of the crash.

A few days after the crash, on March 11, 2020, Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon pronounced Richie deceased at 6:03 p.m., at St. John’s Hospital. An autopsy was preformed and Allmon said, “preliminary cause of death is blunt force injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision (that occurred on March 2, 2020).”

In a plea deal between the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office and Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Wykoff, who is Frazier’s attorney. Frazier agreed to plea guilty to Reckless Homicide, three counts of Aggravated Reckless Driving, Reckless Conduct, and Driving while license Revoked. She would also be sentenced to the maximum time allowed by law on each individual charge, with the most serious charge being 6 years.

Although Frazier would be sentenced to the maximum on each charge, all of the charges would be served concurrently (same time), and at 50 percent. This would make Frazier free in the next 2 years since she already has credit of 343 days for sitting in the Sangamon County Jail awaiting trial.

The terms of the plea deal also dismissed the charge of Aggravated Driving under the Influence of Cannabis. If Frazier had plead guilty or was found guilty of Aggravated DUI of Cannabis, she could have faced up to 14 years in The Illinois Department of Corrections and would have had to serve that sentence at 85 percent.

Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright told us, “While there was insufficient evidence to meet our burden of proof to convict on the charge of Aggravated DUI, the Defendant admitted guilt on all other charges, including Reckless homicide, Aggravated Fleeing/Eluding, Aggravated Reckless Driving, Reckless Conduct, and Driving While License Revoked. The Defendant’s blood/THC concentration level was below the legal limit under Illinois law and other available evidence was insufficient to prove the elements of Aggravated DUI. She accepted responsibility for the offenses which could have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt and received the maximum sentence on each charge.”

In court Richie’s mother, Viki Moore, said that on the night of the crash she looked out of her window and saw police cars, ambulances and fire trucks coming from multiple directions. “I said a prayer for whoever it could be.”

A few hours later, she said Sheriff’s Deputies showed up at her door and told her that she needed to come with them. She was then driven to St. John’s Hospital and was told that it was her son and grandson.

She said that both her son and grandson had to be put in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator. They also went through multiple surgeries and had severe brain trauma.

Moore recalled the day her son was taken off the ventilator and said she watched as her son was gasping for air and taking his last breath. He was an organ donor and “the good is that several people will live on. Sean is and was a loving person.”

Moore said this could have been prevented and that her son was wearing his seat belt that night. “She needs the maximum sentence,” Moore said to Judge Gail Noll.

After Moore’s victim impact statement about her son, Judge Noll accepted the plea agreement and told Frazier, “It’s a tragic situation and I hope when you come out you can put this behind you.”

At the end of the hearing, before Frazier was led back to jail, she turned around to the family and told them that she was sorry and asked for forgiveness. Frazier, who had held her composure during the hearing, then burst into tears.

After the hearing, Moore told Sangamon County Prosecutors that her son wouldn’t want her to hold a grudge. “He was a loving person,” she said.

BREAKING: Springfield Police Detective’s son arrested after being charged with Criminal Sexual Abuse of 14 y/o girl

Zane P. Merreighn – Age 22

Springfield, Illinois – Zane P. Merreighn, age 22, was arrested this afternoon and booked into the Sangamon County Jail after he was charged today with three counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse of a minor.

Merreighn is the son of Jennifer Oglesby, a Springfield Police Detective, who in her job capacity, investigates allegations of sexual abuse of children and neglect.

According to witness statements that we’ve obtained, Merreighn has also been the subject of numerous complaints by parents who reported that Merreighn had sex with their underage daughters.

One parent even reported that in February 2018, they contacted Merreighn’s mother, Detective Jennifer Oglesby, for her help with getting her son, who had a sexual relationship with their minor daughter, to stop contacting their minor daughter. Although the family sought out help from Detective Oglesby, her son continued to find ways to reach out to their daughter. “On April 9, 2018 An Ipad was found in (our daughter’s) room with conversations between my daughter and Zane found from Snapchat. Conversations with him date back to the beginning of March. Samples of conversations show him threatening that he is going to kill himself, or expose nude photos of my minor daughter, if she breaks up with him. These threats and intimidating statements were said to her as recent as April 9, 2018.” There weren’t any public records showing Merreighn being charged with a crime based on the parents claim, but a Sangamon County Judge did grant the parents an order of protection.

In August 2021, Merreighn came under criminal investigation by The Illinois State Police after a 14 year old girl went missing from her home.

According to a Springfield police report, on July 30, 2021, around 11:59 p.m., Springfield Police Officer Justin Long responded to a report of a missing 14 year old girl. When Officer Long spoke with the father of the missing girl, he stated that his daughter had taken off from the house earlier in the evening and eventually returned home. But, as he was going to bed, he went to check on her and she was not there.

The father told Officer Long that he believed that she had been picked up by her new boyfriend and was able to track the last known location of his daughter’s cell phone to Merreighn’s apartment.

Officer Long went to Merreighn’s apartment located in 2100 block of Lexington Drive in an attempt to locate the 14 year old girl. When he attempted to contact someone inside the apartment, he reported that he didn’t get a response. “The apartment had no one home at this time from what could be seen through the windows.”

A Springfield Leaks source close to the investigation tells us that during the investigation to locate the 14 year old girl, someone from the Springfield Police Department contacted Merreighn’s mother, SPD Detective Oglesby, who was off duty at the time, and informed her of the situation.

Approximately an hour and a half later, after the girl was reported missing, the father called police again at 1:49 a.m., to inform them that his daughter was home.

Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright had recused his office from prosecuting the case and referred the case to The Illinois State’s Attorney’s Appellate Special Prosecution Unit.

Merreighn was booked into the Sangamon County Jail at 5:31 p.m., and his bond has been set at $250,000. He will need to post $25,000 (10 percent) in order to be released.

Merreighn is scheduled to go in front of a judge tomorrow.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Crows Mill Bar Owner arrested and charged after assaulting an employee who was quitting

Gulden Haslett – Age 41

Springfield, Illinois – Yesterday, Sangamon County Sheriff Deputies we’re called to Crows Mill Pub, located at 1220 Old Toronto Rd., for a physical disturbance.

Deputies met with the victim, who was also an employee of Crows Mill Pub. The victim told Deputies that she was battered by the Bar Owner, Gulden Haslett, age 41.

The victim told Deputies that there was a disturbance between the current Crows Mill Bar owner, Haslett, and her ex-boyfriend/ex-Crows Mill Bar owner. The victim said Haslett previously informed Crows Mill employees that the previous owner was banned from the bar and that the locks were currently being changed to the bar. The victim said she then decided to call another owner of the bar to ask what was going on and why were the locks being changed.

The victim said Haslett became upset with her for calling another owner of the bar and that’s when she decided that she would be quitting as a Crows Mill employee.

After the victim cashed out her tips, Haslett followed her outside. The victim said while standing on the steps outside of the bar, Haslett pulled her by the hair and pushed her.

A separate and independent witness at the scene confirmed the victim’s story.

When Deputies spoke to Haslett, she said that she did push the victim out of the bar because she believed the victim was stealing. When the Deputy told Haslett that he didn’t see any visible injuries, Haslett responded and said, “see, it’s not like I hurt her.”

The deputy also noted that after asking Haslett to come outside, an individual approached the victim, who was standing next to other deputies. That individual told the victim that Haslett was affiliated with the Turkish Mafia and if she followed through with charges they would come after her and her child. The individual said it happened to him and if the employee didn’t drop the charges they would be hurt. Deputies then told that individual to leave.

Haslett, who appeared to be intoxicated, was placed under arrest for preliminary charges of Aggravated Battery in a public place, a class 3 felony.

Today, the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office filed charges against Haslett for Battery, a class A misdemeanor.

Later this afternoon, the victim in this incident was granted an emergency order of protection.